2010 Count 100 Things

2010 count in photos:

coat 1

coat 2

jacket--antique. Bought when I was 14 yrs old


all occasion black dress

yard work clothes (1 set)

Not pictured:



3 shirts

10 hangers

4 sweaters

5 pair socks

6 panties

4 bras



purse, wallet and cell phone



watch (purchased in Paris!!!)

iron and ironing board



Bed: includes sheets, 2 blankets and 2 pillows

Baskets for clothes (3)

file box

coffee pot and corkscrew

glasses and sunglasses (Sigh...didn't need these 2 years ago)


Also, not pictured is the laundry basket. Total misc items: 21

Personal care items (all in one photo, thank goodness) #14

personal care products

This includes 2 hair care products, razor, soap, hairbrush, hair accessory, toothpaste/toothbrush/floss, grooming scissors, make up: mascara, face powder and lip balm, lotion, deodorant and nail clippers.


work outfit 1

work outfit 2

work outfit 3

work outfit 4

work outfit 5

work outfit 6




boots/shoes/sandals--5 pr

exercise clothes 1

exercise clothes 2

exercise clothes 3

fleece shirt


Total count: 95


3 responses to “2010 Count 100 Things

  1. Hi Fawn,
    Thanks for answering questions at the SLF about your lists. A couple questions: of your personal items, do you own no other photos (say, of your kids) than the 10 you have mentioned? Or letters or other memorabilia?
    I remember reading awhile ago that you have no hobbies other than launching your kids at present (makes sense to me). Do you have just one book — or one book at a time?
    I’m a big fan of yours & love your humor, btw.

  2. I have a box in the basement labeled “Mom Memories” that has birthday and Mother’s Day cards from my children and a figurine that my oldest bought for me when he was eight years old. The box is an old copy paper box and it is half full.
    There is another box the same size with family photos. My intention is to give the photos to the kids after they leave home. I will copy a few of my favorites on the computer. I will never be the keeper of the family museum, but I feel it is part of my mother duty to curate these things for the kids until they are old enough to do so.
    I don’t have a lot of time to read right now, but I do get books from the library from time to time, I borrow books from friends and occasionally purchase books that I can get no other way. The purchased books are then passed along after I am done with them. I will give to a friend or acquaintance that I think is interested, or the library for their book sale, or Goodwill.

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