The Cat In The Hat

From Dr. Suess’s book, The Cat In The Hat:

Look at me!
Look at me! Look at me NOW!
It is fun to have fun
But you have to know how.
I can hold up the cup
And the milk and the cake!
I can hold up these books!
And the fish on a rake!
I can hold the toy ship
And a little toy man!
And look! With my tail
I can hold a red fan!
I can fan with the fan
As I hop on the ball!
But that is not all,
Oh, no.
That is not all….”
That is what the cat said…
Then he fell on his head!
He came down with a bump
From up there on the ball.
And Sally and I,
We saw ALL the things fall!

I feel like the cat in the hat some days. Today I do. We have started a kitchen remodel.

student is optional kitchen accesory

where the cabinets and refrigerator used to be

So the refrigerator and the food are in the dining room and the usual way of cooking food has to be altered. So my song today is:
And look! I can hold down the job
And take care of a house!
I can jump up and down on the ball
But that is not all!
No that is not all!
I can drive kids around!
And look, with my tail…..
Oops…..don’t have a tail….

well that explains why I can’t fan with the fan……


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