Where’s the Fun?

I know I promised you enough time, enough money and enough fun.

So where is all this enough fun? you ask. Good question.

Next month?

No, really. It’s the middle of January, it’s 3 degrees farenheit outside as I type this. I have shoveled out my 150 foot driveway three times in two days. We just started back to a new semester and the family calendar is filled with entries that say “15 notecards due” and “math test on chapter 15.”

I did promise enough time, enough money and enough fun. And the truth is we do have those things right now, they are just not perfectly in balance all the time. Yesterday, I worked twelve hours, five of those back to back meetings. So, not much fun yesterday, but there will be plenty of money next paycheck.

And there is always fun to be had, you just have to know where to look. For example: while I was shoveling out the drive, a couple of my kids were sledding with some friends. During one of those interminable meetings yesterday, a beloved co-worker kept drumming her acrylic nails on the table. After the fifth time of glaring at her to make her stop, I told her that the next time she is on-call, I am going to call her up and have my drummer boy son do a practice session just for her. And I will too. Or designing in my head the Valentine cards I intend to make and give my children while I’m driving and dodging new drivers near the high school on their first snow.

Like the Cat in the Hat says, “It is fun to have fun, but you have to know how!”


One response to “Where’s the Fun?

  1. Fawn- beautifully stated….as always! 🙂

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