Food Totals So Far

We are 1/2 way through the month and I went shopping today for the next week. Grocery total so far: $211.34.  Eating out total for the month so far: $40.43 which includes my half of the brushetta that I consumed last Sunday, plus tip; a soda mid-week, when I thought I could not go one step further without caffeine; my daughter’s lunch out today while at a Scholastic Bowl tournament and a latte this morning while I was doing errands, just because. So….$251.77 with enough food in the house to take us through the 25th. $420 is doable if I stay away from Starbucks.

Menu for the week:

Breakfast and lunches as before. Dinners:

Sunday–Beef Stroganoff and steamed green beans

Monday–Quiche and watermelon slices. Snickerdoodles for dessert.

Tuesday–Chili and oranges

Wednesday–kids at dad’s house. I will eat leftovers.

Thursday–Pan-seared salmon, rice pilaf, tossed salad

Friday and Saturday, kids at their dad’s. I will eat leftovers. 

Beef Stroganoff made with egg noodles, ground beef I had browned and frozen earlier in the month, beef stock and plain yogurt. Quiche makes use of a pre-made crust, organic eggs and pre-shredded cheese. Chili is made from scratch, incorporating more of the browned hamburger, lentils and canned black beans. The salmon fillets are purchased frozen. The rice pilaf will be made with plain white rice, more of the beef stock and some frozen peas I have on hand. I may put in some carrots too, if I get ambitious. As before, I will make some of the time-consuming dishes this weekend: Stroganoff, pilaf and chili, so at the dinner crunch hour I can whip things onto the table in 20 minutes or less.

Hmmm. I’m getting hungry.


2 responses to “Food Totals So Far

  1. Impressive!

  2. You are too kind.

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