I’m not sure whether to tag this enough time, enough money…I’m pretty sure NOT enough fun. Some of you may heard there was a blizzard in North America this week. It passed this way. As a hospice nurse, I am responsible for the comfort of my patients, no matter the Acts of God that come our way. And thankfully, management was proactive and helpful….so most of my patients were seen by me before the worst of the weather hit. I contacted the rest by phone to make sure they had what they needed to weather the storm. So, then, as a mom, I could focus on what my kids needed. Thankfully, everyone is warm and dry and has working oxygen if needed for comfort or survival. After making Snickerdoodles for the kids, went to bed early and set the alarm for 5AM. I began shoveling out the 13″ to 26″ of snow (depending on drifting) in my 150″ drive at 5AM. I came in and warmed myself every 30 minutes or so.

driveway 1/3 done

Kids still asleep, I rounded the corner and looked at the front door.

Front see the steps, right?

And just when I thought my back, or my strength of character was going to give out…neighbor Bob came over with his snow blower and finished the last 1/3 for me. (Thanks, Bob…I owe you some Snickerdoodles.) Here is the finished drive and steps.

If only they had plowed the street too....

I made it to the office by11 AM, the only staff member there that had not camped out the night before and was rewarded for my hard work with free pizza.

All my patients (via phone) were OK, except one. I went out to her house to increase her narcotics. My kids, in my absence, and with instruction from me, cleared the ice from the front steps for the poor mailman, and the snow from the back yard, so we can take the garbage to the alley.

We are OK here, and hope that you are OK too, wherever you are.


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