The Rest of My Life

Recently, a friend asked me what I want to spend the rest of my life accomplishing. Here is my answer:

I have 2 answers and they split at about 5-6 years in the future. Between now and the time my youngest graduates from high school I will be completing a life mission goal of raising to adulthood four children who are emotionally whole, who have a strong sense of their own gifts and so can hit the ground running as adults and be a blessing to the world. I pray they not have to spend years of their adulthood recovering from emotional wounds inflicted in childhood. Each of them is amazing and it is a delight to me to see them developing.

 I have poured my time and talents into this task and it is damn exciting watching it come to pass.

 After that, I’m not sure. My life has had a strong thread of serendipity in it, and I trust that the next thing will appear on the horizon as this one winds down.

 Right now, I envision the next phase of my life to look like this:

1) Reduced work hours. My financial needs are relatively small after I have the kid’s college paid for. If I didn’t want to travel some, I could retire at 61 easily.

2) I suspect I will sell this house and find something much, much smaller. An efficiency apartment in the Hilton Hotel here in town, one of the tiny houses made by Eric Schaffer, or my latest fantasy, a houseboat.

3) Service of some kind. Could be Hospice work, or babysitting my grandkids, or Physicians Without Borders. Service is what makes my heart happy. I would be miserable playing golf and volunteering with the Junior League.

 And you? What are you willing to spend the remainder of your life accomplishing?


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