It’s All Fantasy

The other day I was standing in front of the magazine rack at my local drug store trying to decide whether or not to buy the latest Oprah magazine. It was on decluttering. Which is a funny debate on its own, if you think about it. Really, what can Oprah teach me about decluttering?

As I stood there pondering the purchase, a man walked by, nodded his head in the direction of the magazine/book rack and said, “It’s fantasy.” I started to look more carefully at the books and magazines there to determine which one he meant: the fashion magazine, the celebrity/gossip mag? The muscle car or the human muscle magazine? The mystery novel or the romance series?

And it hit me, they are all fantasy publications. There is a flavor of escape no matter your preference.

I decided reality is infinitely more interesting than what the rack had to offer. I put the  Oprah back and walked out.


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