1st March Shop

Went grocery shopping for the 1st time this month. In keeping with my increased challenge, most of the meat and dairy is organic/range free. Those items are on the lower left of the photo. The meat/dairy that is not organic is on the lower right of the photo.

March 7 groceries

Monday: Roasted organic chicken, mashed potatoes, steamed fresh broccoli

Tuesday: Quiche w/ organic eggs, non-organic cheese, steamed green beans, corn

Wednesday: left overs

Thursday: Shrimp (non-organic) linguine, tossed salad

Friday: Chicken & noodles, more steamed broccoli

Saturday: Quinona and steamed mixed vegetables, mushroom risotta

Sunday: Homemade pepperoni (non-organic) pizza

Food totals for month– groceries: $108.01, eating out: $12.19

And here is a bonus money-saving tip:

Beloved daughter and I bought her some T-shirts today. She pulled/cut off a small pocket on a sleeve that had a logo on it that she didn’t want on the shirt. Unfortunately, that left holes. Mom to the resuce…I stiched around the holes with a buttonhole stitch by hand. Now it has a couple of cool “bullet holes” on the sleeve.

detail of sleeve

new shirt w/ "updated" sleeve


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