Fundraising (blech)

“How you spend your money is a vote for what you want to be in the world.”

About 9 years ago, between my four children, I was invited to participate in 24 fundraisers in a single year. That’s 2 per month.

There are no family members or neighbors down the street or co-workers that I so detest that  two times per month I wish to foist on them over priced gift wrap or mediocre chocolate or raffle tickets to somethingelse  that they don’t even want.

These fundraisers that we were “invited” to participate in were for the private preschool, the public elementary school, the private college baseball team…… girl scouts, elementary school band, etc. …. and it occurred to me that rather than have 10% of the gift wrap cost ($1.00 of $10.00) go to the PTO, or 10% of the book store sale (spend $50 and $5 goes to the band program…) it would be more efficient for me to give my money to the program that I wanted to support, cut out the family and neighbors and merchant middlemen.

So, that is what I do… I give money to the activities that I value, no strings attached. I do not purchase (or ask my family or neighbors to purchase) overpriced, poor nutritional food products; overpriced gift wrap; overpriced crap made in a foreign country by indentured labor, etc.

If I value the activity, I will give my dollars (film club) or my time (band boosters, hospice, Latin club, film club.) I will not participate in fundraisers.

YMMV    (Your Mileage May Vary)


2 responses to “Fundraising (blech)

  1. Right on. I agree 100%. It’s also why we don’t have fundraisers for Film Club. Part of the challenge is working off of a small budget, which comes in the form of donations, mostly at Premiere Night. We’ve appreciated your support over the years. Thank you. 🙂

  2. Amen to this…
    Except Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies…
    I add engagement parties, bridal showers, weddings, baby showers when you barely are in the life of the recipients…AND you are childless and can’t get ’em back!

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