Where I have been the past Weekend

Friday: 15 hours work & 7.5 hours on-call time

Saturday: 13 hours work & 15.5 hours on-call time

Sunday 13 hours work and 15.5 hours on-call time

Monday: rest.

4 responses to “Where I have been the past Weekend

  1. Well deserved jammie day! Recharge~

  2. Oh, I wish it was a jammie day. Sigh.

    Laundry. Groceries. Ortho appointment in which beloved daughter gets her braces off (2 hours.)

    This weekend. Sunday. Jammie day.

  3. I got bone tired just reading about your three-day, 41-hour work week! (Not to mention your 38.5 hours of on-call.)

    Then I smiled when I read about your Monday, including the ortho appointment in which your daughter got her braces off. (And I hope that her smile is lovely.)

    My beloved daughter, now 23 years old, got her braces off when she was 14. Then the orthodontist glued in a retainer.

    Today, nine years later, the dentist just removed her glued-in retainer. But he’s suggesting that she get a removable retainer to wear a few nights a week. Forever.

    So it seems that some things never end.

  4. We all have the glued-in retainer things too. Who knew there is hope of getting them out some day?

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