The $3,000 Dollar Latte

Beloved daughter got her braces off this week.

 The orthodontist, to promote good brushing habits, timely arrival at appointments, not popping off of the brackets gives the braces wearers tokens at each visit for desired behaviors. The kids can save these up and purchase toys like super balls or silly string, or more sophisticated rewards like I-tunes cards and fancy bodywash. Middle son was the first to get his braces off and he did not use all his tokens, so he gave them to his sister. When she got her braces off this week, she cashed them all in, getting a nice sized gift card to the local book store and a $5 gift card for Starbucks for me.

It was a very yummy latte.


2 responses to “The $3,000 Dollar Latte

  1. I’m so happy for her that she got her braces off. She was glowing about it at Film Club. I hope you enjoyed that latte! 🙂

  2. It was the yummiest latte….

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