Another Week Without a Nap

Funny, what keeps us going during the hard times.

This morning I had a meeting with my boss (about how we can make the difficult current situation better [short-staffed] and also about a particular problem patient that I have been assigned.)

I mentioned that I had a jammie day last Sunday, with the intent of refreshing me for the next week’s onslaught, and even after that, on Monday I was bone-weary. I mentioned that wrong though I thought it was, I looked forward to the kids going off to college as that would free up my evenings from the endless activities to some rest at the end of a challenging workday.

Boss mentioned that she got home to a (retired) husband who wanted to talk, or go out to movies and didn’t understand her need to recharge at the end of a difficult work day. She said she couldn’t imagine having to do kid activities every night.

And that was all it took for me. To have someone else who understands what a difficult day job I have, marvel that I take care of teenagers after I get done with the day job. I’m probably good for another week without a nap.


4 responses to “Another Week Without a Nap

  1. As is so often the case….. your timing is exquisite! Day to day life is often so difficult — then add in a frequently emotionally and physically draining job— it’s hard to put one door in front of the other.
    Validation is a powerful ( and often overlooked) force!
    I have a piece of atwork from one of my favorite artists (Kay Foley) that reads: Once or twice in our lives, we are given the chance to find out just how much inner strength we possess. Usually we find we have far more than we even imagined.
    **gives me the boost I need**

  2. Ah, Lora…I know you get this too. The demanding job. The kids.

    I really don’t want to know how much inner strength I possess. I have been through some tough stuff, I made it up for air. I don’t want it to be any worse.

  3. Fawn, I hope you get a nap anyway!

  4. Bastelmutti—-

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