April 9th Shop

This post is part of my ongoing challenge to keep our monthly food costs to less than $420/month, what I estimate our food stamp allotment would be.

Groceries total yesterday: $38.49 (total so far for the month: $151.16) Eat out totals for the month so far: $17.49. I bought non-organic yogurt and organic chicken sausages (will use next week.)

April 9th groceries


Menus for the week:

Monday: Lasagna, Garlic toast (this made with 3 leftover rolls from the Friday night-mad-dash-roast beef sandwiches dinner) Oranges

Tuesday: Boxed macaroni and cheese (I know, I know, but the kids like it and it’s 29 cents a box) steamed broccoli

Wednesday: I am on my own, will eat leftovers or something scrounged.

Thursday: Leftover Lasagna, steamed green beans

Friday-Sunday: I am on-call. I have peanuts and apples to eat in the car and will probably buy something on the road. Recent call weekends have been 12-15 hour days. No time to cook, reheat or wash dishes.


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