Substance Vs. Style

A couple of days ago, I dragged my two teenagers to a photo shoot at a swanky photographer’s at 9:15am on a Saturday morning. We had gotten a free 8 x 10 as a gift from the orthodontist when they got their braces off.

Beloved daughter woke up in time to shower and her hair was still dripping on her shirt when we left the house to pick up her brother from a sleepover birthday party for a friend. He had on a nice shirt and he had combed his hair, but he looked like he had slept about an hour.

The nice photographer offered them a private bathroom where they could “primp, comb your hair, check your make-up.” They both looked at me with a “isn’t he amusing but we won’t let on to him” look. They don’t primp, even for photos, or wear make-up and they had already combed their hair. Basically, they each told me in their own way, that there were other things more important than “looking good” for the free photo.

While I was waiting on them, the next photo family came in. Mom-tall, slender, nail and lipstick color matching, bling purse and a hoodie from a shop popular with the young crowd. Daughter-not quite as tall or slender, perfect hair, perfect make up, with a snug T-shirt from the same shop. Basically, my family’s polar opposite.

They didn’t have time to glam up because they were spending time with friends and working on a movie for film club.

Durn, they make me proud.


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