April 18 Grocery Shop

Total food purchased today $78.56. Total groceries for the month $244.74. Total eat out costs so far $88.15.

April 18 Groceries

I didn’t purchase any meat this week except some non-organic pepperoni for the pizza. Organics included milk and cream.
Menus for Dinner: 
Monday: Sandwiches for me and one kid. Other two are off film-making
Tuesday: Shepard’s Pie made w/ lentils (vegan dish), Orange Sunshine (vegan dish)
Wednesday: Just me. Leftovers.
Thursday: Just me. Leftovers or eggs.
Friday: Just me. Canned soup.
Saturday: Homemade pepperoni pizza
Sunday: Easter dinner at mom’s. We are bringing Greek Salad and Lemon Jello Cake.
As noted before, breakfast is sugary breakfast cereals, yogurt, fruit, coffee, OJ, granola bars, leftovers. Lunches are PB & J packed from home for 1 kid, fruit, carrot sticks, cookies, granola bars, cheese crackers; leftovers for me; and 2 kids eat school lunches.

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