May 1st Grocery Shop

Went shopping Sunday, spent $76.43.


May 1st Groceries

 Organics include: milk, eggs, coffee. Non-organic dairy includes: butter, mozzarella cheese and cheddar slices.

Menus for the week: (with evening activity in italics)

Monday: Lasagna and steamed green beans (try to get caught up with the blogging)

Tuesday: Ham & Potato casserole, orange slices (Middle school band concert, be there at 5:30pm)

Wednesday: I’m on my own. Leftovers

Thursday: Buffalo & noodles (like Beef & noodles, but made w/ organic buffalo meat I picked up last week, orange slices, blueberries w/ sugar –were frozen) (Woodwind lesson x 2 in evening. Day time I am off work, electrician comes to rewire the kitchen)

Friday: Grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches (Movie Premiere Night-the culmination of a semester of hard work. Movie starts at 7pm) 

Saturday: Pizza (Wrap party for the movie makers, i.e. high school students and their advisors. I am working during the day.)

Sunday: leftovers (It’s Mother’s Day, but there is NO WAY I am going out to eat on Sunday.)

Note: during this week, I will likely work 50+ hours, that is what it has been running lately. To be prepared, I made the lasagna and ham & potato dish on Sunday. The ham was leftover from Easter (huge organic thing my sister-in-law bought at Whole Foods and cooked for us. Yummy.) I cubed it, cooked and sliced the potatoes and covered it with a homemade cheese sauce. The potatoes were going to sprout soon, the ham was free to me, the cheese was leftover, probably cost $1.oo. So, the whole thing cost about $2.00.

Here is a photo.


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