Solitaire as Meditation

A couple of days ago, a friend told one of my kids that any time spent playing solitaire is a waste/lost/ gone forever.

I disagree. There are some mindless activities that engage the brain, the busy monkey mind of the brain, so the more subtle, creative portions of the mind can reveal their genius. Driving is such an activity for me. Plop me in the car, set the cruise control and send me to a destination 20-30 minutes away, and I am guaranteed to solve one of my life’s problems, or at least come up with a creative way to express an experience that I have had. I swear, I do my best writing when I am driving.

Solitaire is a similar activity for me. If I say to myself, “I wonder how I could do a better job of [XYZ]? and then pull out a deck of cards, or open the application on the computer….in 20-30 minutes, I will have an interesting idea that I can test out.

Sometimes when we are wasting time, we do our best work.


3 responses to “Solitaire as Meditation

  1. Yes, I totally agree.

    Would write more, but have to get back to my game of solitaire. 🙂

  2. I couldn’t agree more! Straightening things in the house quiets my mind (on evenings that I choose not to drink; or sometimes when I DO drink). Putting things in order makes space in my home and in my head… to problems finally have room!!

  3. Somebody famous (I forget who) said time spent doing something you enjoy is not wasted time. Everybody needs some down time. Who’d want to live in a world where everything must be productive 24/7?

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