When my daughter was born, as I gazed into her small, wrinkly, red face I noticed that she had a tiny mole exactly where a bindi dot should be. Since a bindi dot is a sign of an opened third eye, and therefore a spiritually mature person, I took this as an auspicious sign.

As she grew older and played in the sun, her Irish heritage created a galaxy of freckles on her cheeks and nose.

I love these skin “imperfections” on her face. I think that they add to her unique beauty.

After she got her braces off, the orthodontist paid for a 8 x 10 portrait , which we just got back. The photographer airbrushed out her cheek freckles and her mole. Blech.

The photographer was looking through the lens of “cultural norm” and doesn’t know her like we do. What he saw as flaws, we celebrate.

How often we do this! If someone doesn’t follow the societal script, we put pressure on them to change, rather than celebrate their unique contribution. They lose, and we lose too, when we fail to value the differentness and what it can bring us.


2 responses to “Inperfections

  1. I frequently airbrush skin in photos, but there’s an easy way to do it that leaves moles and freckles alone. I, too, think they add personality, and I think it would make me feel kinda weird knowing that someone took the time to remove my “imperfection.” Talk about unnecessary self-consciousness. Anyway, yeah, imperfections are awesome.

  2. Courtney Heinzel

    As a very freckled girl, seeing a picture of myself with my familiar spots removed would be a bit unsettling. The photographer who took my senior photos couldn’t understand why I didn’t want them airbrushed. I like my dots and spots.

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