May 22 & 23 grocery shop

We were out of town a good portion of the weekend, so I bought groceries on Sunday (Aldi):

Aldi Groceries

And Monday (Shop and Save, Food Fantasies):

Shop and Save, Food Fantasies

Grocery totals for the week: $94.08 and for the month so far: $327.73

Eat out totals for the month so far: $162.12

Food totals so far: $489.85, way over my goal of $420/month. But since I haven’t had a kitchen sink since May 8th, and have used more packaged foods than usual, I am not displeased with the total. I consider the extra part of the cost of the kitchen remodel.

Organics include organic whole chicken, milk and eggs. Non-organics include yogurts.

Menus for the Week:

Sunday: Spicy Chicken Wings (from a box), canned corn, brownies from a box.

Monday: Pizza from a box.

Tuesday: Quiche made w/ prepared crust and organic eggs, steamed broccoli

Wednesday: Only me, canned soup.

Thursday: Roasted organic chicken, steamed green beans, home-made snickerdoodles

Friday through Monday: kids with their dad. I am working Sunday & Monday, will eat leftovers and car finger foods.


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