June 4 Grocery Shop

Went shopping yesterday at Aldi only: $27.73

Non-organic shrimp and sliced cheese.

Total groceries so far: $114.02, total eat out $5.57.


Menus: (including revised Saturday and Sunday)

Saturday: lunch-grilled cheese sandwiches and sliced watermelon

dinner-tacos made w/ lentils as meat, sliced watermelon

Sunday: lunch- Cheese Quesadillas, orange slices, store-bought cookies

dinner-Quiche and sliced mango

(summer lunches-kids are out of school, but I am at work. They have to fend for themselves. [Poor dears] I have bought canned spaghetti and ravioli. They can have leftovers or whatever they can find. My hard and fast rule about summer meals is that they MUST clean up after themselves. I am not to come home from working all day to a sinkful of dirty dishes. This will be interesting in the next two weeks, as I still don’t have a kitchen sink, and am washing dishes in the tub.)

Monday: Pancakes (to use up the last of the Bisquik-type baking mix I bought–blech) and organic pork sausages

Tuesday: Cheese Ravioli and the rest of the watermelon

Wednesday: just me, leftovers

Thursday: Beef stroganoff made w/ organic ground beef and non-organic beef stock, steamed green beans


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