June 12 Groceries

Groceries today were $57.21. Grocery total so far for June $180.05. Eat out total so far for June $22.05.

Organics include coffee, milk, 2 yogurt, eggs. Non-organic dairy include butter, sliced cheese, ice cream sandwiches and 5 yogurt. No meat purchased.


Monday: Cheese ravioli, steamed green beans.

Tuesday: Grilled cheese sandwiches, orange sunshine (a vegan salad)

Wednesday: just me, leftovers.

Thursday: Chili-lime shrimp w/ pasta, peaches.

Friday: Homemade pepperoni pizza

Saturday: we will be at a cookout.

Sunday: kids are taking their dad out for Father’s day. I will eat leftovers.

Look for a much more exciting menu in the near future. I get my kitchen sink back on June 21st, a full 8 weeks after the old one was torn out. I can’t wait to really get cooking again. And my back will be very happy to not have to do dishes in the bathtub.


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