Day Six Pantry Challenge

Well…..the day didn’t exactly go like I planned, but it’s OK.

I got up at 5am and drank coffee here while completing some unfinished chores.

Wake uuuuuupp

Packed the usual breakfast and lunch for the road. Ooops, I deleted the photo….

anyway, it was a biscuit and currant jam, an apple, some carrot sticks, a premade Southwest Burrito and the last of the Black Bean salad I made. I ate breakfast as planned, but at work there were leftovers from a potluck that occurred yesterday. So for lunch I had a fried chicken breast, 7 layer salad and 1/2 a deviled egg. For dinner, I ate what I had fixed for lunch. Lunch was a very happy circumstance though….I am growing tired of my own cooking.


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