Day Eight: Pantry Challenge Finale

Summary: total food purchased during the eight days– one bag of Cheese-Its and one Diet Coke. I got a couple freebies, including lunch today provided by my employer. I’m sick of pasta and ready for some fresh fruit. I do like using up the odds and ends and not throwing food away. I’m shopping tomorrow, and we will see if there is a net dollar gain to the project.

Breakfast: coffee and creamer at home. I didn’t eat anything, as I was not hungry.

Lunch: a turkey sub sandwich with a fruit cup (plus my neighbor’s fruit cup.) I gave my brownie away to another co-worker.

Dinner: As planned–potatoes au gratin, leftover spaghetti, canned peaches and homemade blueberry pie. To drink: a second batch of  homemade lemonade which drew complements from the kids. (The spaghetti did not.)


And still leftover: half a pie, 6 apples, 2 tomatoes, some spaghetti, some canned peaches, 1/3 container of lemonade, carrot sticks, 16 oz of pineapple juice, potatoes au gratin and 1/2 a bottle of salad dressing.

The leftovers

Plus the pantry:

The pantry

Which still holds about 6# flour, about 4# sugar, all the spices minus a teaspoon or two from some of them, one potato, 20 oz of canola oil, ~ 10 oz of Coco Rice, the no-bake boxed dessert, a package of taco seasoning, 2 bullion cubes, baking soda, same amount of powdered sugar as before, Tapioca, vanilla, 1/3 of a stick of butter, same amount of tea as before, can of tomato soup, can of lentil soup, about 1 cup pink lentils, a box of macaroni and cheese, about 4 oz of white balsamic vinegar, 8 oz can of tomato sauce and 12 oz jar of fruit jam and about 1-2 tablespoons of yeast that may or may not have been omitted from the original inventory. I think with a gallon of milk, a half-dozen eggs and some fresh fruit, I could have gone for another week.


The whole thing has a lovely “stone soup” quality to it. I started out without much (I thought,) I ate pretty well for a whole week, and I still have plenty.


One response to “Day Eight: Pantry Challenge Finale

  1. I know this is an old post but just reading back. This was very impressive and inspirational! Trying the same thing myself. I really enjoy your blog.

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