July 26 Grocery Shop

Refilled the pantry today, spent $117.85 for a total of grocery expenditures this month of $356.89. Eat out total so far this month is $17.53. So my pantry challenge definitely affected that one. Monthly food total well below my goal of $420/month.

Aldi and Food Fantasies

Organics include milk, eggs, chicken. Non-organic meat and dairy include pork tenderloin, shredded cheese, yogurt, butter and ice cream.

Shop N Save

Non-organic dairy: Kefir, cream and Gouda cheese.

Menus for the week:

Tuesday: Porkloin, leftover potatoes au gratin, steamed broccoli, orange sunshine

Wednesday: Just me, leftovers.

Thursday: Tacos made w/ pink lentils

Friday: Chicken and noodles, fruit

Saturday: Quiche and fruit

Sunday: Picnic dinner w/ grandma–individual cheeses, fruit, granola bars, carrot sticks, plus whatever grandma brings.


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