Allowing Wisdom

“Information is different from knowledge, and it has nothing at all to do with wisdom.”  –T.S. Eliot

“To attain knowledge, add something everyday; to attain wisdom, remove something every day. ”  –Chinese proverb

“If you watch the TV news, you know less about the world than if you just drank gin straight from the bottle.”  –Garrison Keillor

In order to invite wisdom into my life, I am creating more silence.

When I am in the car by myself, I turn the radio off. At home, when the kids are gone, I leave a few minutes for just being .I try to have some time each day to listen. I’m listening not to the TV talking heads or even inspiring personalities, but for the vibration of the earth.

Tonight when a summer storm came through, I stopped preparing dinner and went out on the back porch to smell it and hear it.

There are so many human voices, so many opinions out there and I don’t always have to take sides or have a opinion of my own.


One response to “Allowing Wisdom

  1. So true, but sometimes so hard to do…

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