Saving $30 During the Woodwind Lesson

By now, my regular readers know that I save pennies  so that I can blow big dollars

on things that are really important to me. I spend $250 per month on music lessons. Last week, while I was at the woodwind lesson (spent $42.50 for one hour of lessons) I save a $30 pair of jeans.

My daughter is the kind of girl that climbs trees and rocks and rides her bike to school every day. She has broken her thumb playing Steal the Bacon. She is hard on the knees of her jeans. The school forbids the wearing of torn jeans to school, so when she blew a hole through the knee of an otherwise good pair of Levis, I saved it by patching it. The patch didn’t look too cool, so I decorated it.

repaired jeans

Beware the knee!



4 responses to “Saving $30 During the Woodwind Lesson

  1. Haha, love it. Very nice.

  2. Oh Fawn, this is great!
    I patch my jeans & now I see how much richer the
    possibilities are!

  3. Love it!

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