Let the Challenge Begin

Today marks the start of the San Francisco Food Stamp Challenge whereby I and a lot of other folks are going to live on $4.72 of food and beverage per day between 9/11 and 9/17. Let me explain how my household will participate. I will use food from my pantry.


Costs (from previous week’s receipts) 1/2 gallon organic milk: 2.99, dozen organic eggs 2.99, remaining cup off organic cream 1.30, box of 6 envelopes instant oatmeal 1.39, six orange juice concentrates 7.74, package egg noodles .99, two cups shredded cheddar cheese 1.75, three boxes fruit bars 5.67, 2/3 a bottle of salad dressing 2.30, part of a package of crackers .60, one rib celery: chopped and frozen .10, quarter of a small red onion: chopped and frozen .25, box of sugary breakfast cereal 1.69, one pound of carrots .99. The spices, flour, sugar and oil I will estimate costs as I use them. Also in the pantry:

four apples $1.75

Most of a pound of butter $1.99

So, pantry food total: $34.49. Then I went shopping yesterday.

Groceries from Aldi and Food Fantasies

Organics include: one pound ground beef and a half pound coffee. Non-organic meat and dairy include yogurt and frozen tilapia. Then I went to Shop N Save and got:

Ham steak, lentils, lime

I spent $67.94. Add that to the $34.49 worth of pantry food and for $102.43 I have a week’s worth of food.

Our family consists of one middle-aged woman, one 15-year-old boy who runs cross-country, a seventeen year old girl and an almost 13-year-old boy (grew five inches last year.) Two of us pack our lunches from home, two eat school lunches. If we did qualify for Food Stamps, they could get free lunches, so this doesn’t feel like cheating to me.

Planned menus for the week:

Sunday: Vegan Shepard’s Pie, sliced kiwi, homemade Snickerdoodles

Monday: Vegetarian tacos

Tuesday: Ham steak, mashed potatoes, steamed fresh brocoli

Wednesday: Only me home for dinner: I will eat leftovers

Thursday: Birthday Girl Dinner: Tilapia, corn pudding, steamed frozen green beans, yellow cake w/ vanilla icing

Friday: Quesadillas, rest of brocoli or fresh fruit

Saturday: Beef Stroganoff made w/ organic ground beef, whatever fresh fruit or vegetables remain.

Let the cooking begin!



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