Food Stamp Challenge Day Three

We are in the groove now. My kids are even tolerating me photographing their meals. Breakfast:

middle son--cereal

youngest son--cereal

daughter–yogurt and spoonful of peanut butter (no photo, eaten while I was in the shower)

breakfast and lunch for me

breakfast: oatmeal, yogurt, banana, coffee and cream. Lunch: leftover Shepard’s pie and an apple.

Lunch for middle son:

PB & J, Snickerdoodles, carrots and yogurt

the other two ate school lunches.

Dinner at 5:15pm


Dinner at 5:50pm: ham, mashed potatoes and steamed brocoli



After dinner last night, I took youngest son shoe shopping (size 11.5, age 13, YIKES!) and we bought ice cream on the way home–$3.73 for 1.75 liters. We ate 1/2 last night and the rest after dinner tonight.

Pantry and grocery totals $102.43 + Shnickerdoodle ingredients $2.78+oil for quesidillas $0.15 + ice cream $3.73 = $109.09 total so far for the week. We are good.


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