Day Four Food Stamp Challenge

OK, a lot of breakfast got eaten while I was in the shower–so no photos of the kid’s breakfast. But as reported to me after I got dried off:

Daughter: Big spoonful of peanut butter, yogurt, water

Middle son: sugary cereal, glass of orange juice

Youngest son: Sugary cereal


2 eggs over easy, toast w/ butter, coffee w/ cream

Lunch for middle son:

PB&J, yogurt, carrots, Snickerdoodles

My lunch: a burrito made of the leftovers: ham, 1/2 the remaining lentils, remaining chopped tomatoes, some lettuce–

burritos components

and a banana and bottled water

For dinner, the kids were at their dad’s, so I ate leftovers.

lettuce,tomato salad w/ rest of leftover lentils, mashed potatoes, brocoli

and the peanut butter that I scraped from the “empty jar”

jar not empty yet!

Then I went grocery shopping for a few things

Skim milk is organic, yogurt and peanut butter is not, Cliff bar was impulse purchase. Spent $8.70.

Grocery totals so far $117.94.


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