Day Five Food Stamp Challenge


coffee, banana, yogurt, oatmeal


saltines & peanut butter, apple, Cliff Bar, bottle of water

Birthday Girl Dinner at 5:05pm

dinner ingredients

The green beans and corn were steamed in the microwave. The Tilapia was placed in 2 greased with butter baking dishes, sprinkled with crushed saltines and chili powder and baked for 25 minutes at 325 degrees F. When they were done, the juice of half the lime was squeezed over the top. There were nine fillets in all. We ate eight for dinner and I saved one for lunch tomorrow.

Dinner is served

The birthday cake:

Yellow cake with white icing

Darling daughter turns seventeen tomorrow. She asked “What do the three candles on the cake represent? That seventeen is a prime number, like three?”

I replied, “They represent the number of candles that I had in the house when I realized that I did not have seventeen candles.”


2 responses to “Day Five Food Stamp Challenge

  1. Wish your daughter a Happy Birthday for us!

  2. Hey thanks! Birthday wishes passed on….

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