Top Ten Reasons I LikeTeenagers

My youngest child turns thirteen today, which means I am living with three teenagers. I tell people this with a smile and they express sympathy for my situation, but they don’t need to. I am delighted. We have fun almost every day. Teenagers get a bad rap. Here are my favorite things about them.

1)  They are incredibly creative. They are not as burdened as adults are with “….but we’ve always done it this way.”

2)  They have a sharp nose for hypocrisy. If your actions are not consistent with your spoken values, your teenager is the person most likely to point it out to you. Not your mom, not your spouse, not your best friend. This can be annoying. But if you are on a self-improvement path, it is essentially free counseling.

3)  They do their own laundry.

4)  They are involved in all sorts of stuff that I would never have thought to get involved with on my own. I get drug along for the ride and sometimes, I like it better than the kids. Like Tae Kwon Do. Or getting asked to be in one of the movies film club made. Or helping the Latin Club Olympics.

5)  They mow my grass. I don’t even have to ask. I only have to pay them.

6)  They have rational opinions about current events and ethics and the origins of the universe and they will discuss it with you (and each other when you aren’t even there.)  Much better than the earlier discussions, “Is to.” “Is not.” “Is to.”

7)  I don’t have to mop the floor after every meal.

8)  They introduce me to new music. Though sometimes they are just trying to reintroduce me to a band I haven’t listened to in a while. “Mom-have you ever heard of a band called Foreigner?”

9)  They eat the leftovers.

10)  They have amazing energy, and hope, and despite the world not being a perfect place, optimism.


7 responses to “Top Ten Reasons I LikeTeenagers

  1. #11 — no more stepping on Legos in the middle of the night on the way to the bathroom.

  2. Great truisms about teenagers. National Geographic has a great article about Teen Brains in it. A friend’s teenage son left it on their dinning room table, with a note that read “Have you seen this?”

    #4 addition… Mine decided to take up fencing. What, really? And she LOVES it.

  3. I totally agree – teens are awesome. I have a feeling most adults kind of shun that age in part because of their own awkwardness at that age. And yes, it was awkward. But it was a period of discovery, and it sets you up for another great period of life: the 20s. I’m still not really sure what I’m supposed to be doing now that I’m 33.

  4. I also have had three teens at once. I find them very very hilarious.

  5. Donna- and #12…they think it is fun to give out the candy at Halloween.

    Tim- fencing? Cool! I tried to link to the National Geographic article, but couldn’t figure it out. (I need more teenager in my brain) If you go to the National Geographic website, it is the cover article for October 2011.

    Dave- for me, every decade has been the best decade yet.

    Edie- they are hilarious.

  6. I just discovered your blog and love it! My youngest just turned 13 as well so I now have 2 teenagers and love it! I, too, am a single mom so I can relate to most of what you’re saying.

  7. Welcome, Marlene!

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