Let Them Fail in the Little Things

At my house, when you turn 12, you get a lesson in how the washer and dryer work and you become responsible for the laundering of your own clothes.

I see many benefits in this. It frees up some of my time for other household tasks that they don’t take on yet. They learn how to wash clothes, time management skills, and so on.

But for the kids to learn all that stuff, I have to step back and let them do it. Even if someone ends up wearing a dirty shirt because they let the laundry go too long. And I have to recognize that my standards for “doing laundry” might not be theirs. Case in point:

youngest son’s dirty clothes

And there is the basket of clean clothes, where they will remain until they are worn. Youngest reports the wrinkles “go away in about an hour.” Meh.

And yeah, I did iron his clothes before the wedding.


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