Money Money Money

The past year has felt like a money hemorrhage. About a year ago, my car needed replacement before I had saved the purchase price for the next one. I borrowed money. I had not had a car payment in about five years.

I should have waited longer to start the kitchen remodel. Mid-project, my cabinet installer had a heart attack and my cost for that part of the project doubled. (He’s OK now, just going much slower than before.)

There has been the once-every-four-years band trip to Disney ($850 per band member–I’m paying for one, their dad is paying for another.) And so on……

This past week is a case in point. Last Saturday, while I drove across the central Illinois countryside between the state cross-country meet in Peoria and the Illinois Music Educators Association band concert in Macomb, beloved youngest son was playing computer games on the laptop–and broke the left click on the mouse. SIGH. Beloved daughter’s saxophone needed a tune-up. I have already paid for minor repairs on her clarinet, the school’s baritone saxophone that middle son plays and youngest son’s snare drum. I have actually created a line item in the budget for instrument repair. Wednesday, a part blew off my car as I was driving down the road (passenger side roof molding.) Also, this week, we have spent $56 on craft supplies for items for the Latin Club convention this weekend.

The absolute worst money drain this week, though, was the beautiful bicycle that beloved daughter got for her birthday in September, the bike that she rides to school every day, was stolen from the school grounds while she was in class.

And here is my dirty, dirty secret: I haven’t paid for it yet. I bought her bicycle with my credit card, and I haven’t paid it off yet.

I did not have a credit card from the years 2001 through 2009 by choice. I only got one because I was told it would ease international travel when we went to Paris. Buying a new car last fall emptied out my big emergency fund. The kitchen debacle created about $3,000 of credit card debit.

I still have my $1000 emergency fund. I have been faithfully putting $1000/month into the kid’s college fund and $667/month into my IRAs. But the credit card debit is really bugging me. So–here is my new challenge–I will not spend money on anything frivolous until it is paid off. I will blog daily about my successes and failures. I will post every single cent I spend. I hope that being accountable to you all will keep me on task. Feel free to comment about money spent. How you would do it differently (your idea of frivolous may be different from mine), encouragement (I may need a lot of that) or just random ideas about spending less.

Thank you  in advance.

Here are the disclaimers (there are always disclaimers):

1) I will spend $100 on each child (includes DIL) for Christmas

2) I will continue to get my hair colored

3) I am allowed up to $70/month for wine.

Here is how I did today:

Repair to beloved daughter’s alto saxophone $46.68.

Repair of Honda’s roof molding $0.00 (still under warranty)

More tiles and grout for the Latin Club mosaic project $12.40.

Groceries $7.17

Wine $2.91

Winter clothes for the boys (coat, hat, gloves) $63.27   two items on sale for $12.39 off.

Household items (cleaning product, batteries for smoke detectors, toothpaste [$1 off coupon],  hair conditioner [$1 off coupon], 4 wine glasses, paper lunch bags) $31.80

Christmas cards  $7.56

Total spent today: $166.79


6 responses to “Money Money Money

  1. Oh Fawn, I was sorry to hear how much of a money drain this year
    has proven to be. (sometimes it’s like that, I know — life being life & all)
    Anyway, I know you’re careful with your money & spend (& save) it
    wisely, so I’ll be rooting for you in this endeavor, & hope that it will be
    overall a “fun” challenge for you & not overly grueling & restrictive.

  2. Hi Fawn, ew, I am afraid we will end up in the same spot after we’ve jut bought a new house. Just remember, no shame, no blame – at least moving forward you are planning your way out of the hole.

    As a side note, I’d like to follow your blog via RSS, but you don’t have that activated anywhere . . . if you do end up putting a subscription link on your blog, please respond to this comment and then I’ll be able to subscribe. I know myself – I’ll forget to check in. But if I get your posts in my RSS reader, then I’ll never miss one! 🙂

  3. Hmmm. kmmccully, I don’t know about all that fancy-smancy RSS feed stuff. Some other fine folks have subscribed to my blog (thank you, faithful readers). But I will go now and see if I can “turn on” the RSS feed. Hmmmm/ Where are those blasted teenagers when you need them.

    • In your WordPress Dashboard, navigate to “Appearance” and then “Widgets.” Drag the RSS links or Meta widget over to the right sidebar. You might have a choice in your theme to put widgets in the footer, too. I wonder how the others subscribed? There must be something I don’t know.

  4. kmccully–I followed your instructions. I think I did it. Let me know if it works (or doesn’t.)

    • Thank you! It did work!! See the little orange button that looks like a speaker? Now I can grab your content and read it in my feed reader. If you ever have time or inclination, this video explains the whole concept very well. And if you don’t, I’ll be ok 😉

      I look forward to following your journey 🙂

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