Expensive Day

I knew that today was going to be an expensive day, but whew, seeing the total is sobering. I do spend less money on the days I work.

Eat out #1: $10.89 (This was both a practical matter and a celebration. Beloved youngest son got his braces off today, and missed lunch hour at school. So we stopped at Subway and got lunch before he went back.)

Eat out #2: $7.86 for  2 lattes at Starbucks. I invited a friend there for a weighty discussion. My treating him was a very small bribe for a very big favor.

Bike part: $2.14 Beloved daughter is borrowing her brother’s bike. We needed an adaptor for the pump as those inner tubes have a different sized stem.

Groceries: $96.98

Wine: $8.72

Household supplies: $4.78

Clothes for me: $6.47  This is just an undershirt to wear under one of my dresses that is too low-cut for work. Cleavage is NOT an asset in my job.

Christmas (or as I like to refer to it: X-mess): $106.92 Ordinarily, I would be opposed to shopping so early for gifts, but beloved oldest son and his wife are spending Thanksgiving with us and Christmas with her family. I thought I would send their gifts home with them at Thanksgiving and save myself the shipping. (Not that you guys wouldn’t be worth the shipping….)

Total spent today: $244.76



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