I Spent $1,041.35 In The Past Two Days

….and it really wasn’t anything out of line. See for yourself:

From Friday night– $1.75 for candy for the drummer extraordinaire (youngest son) during intermission  (OK, not essential, but not a big deal either…I don’t do that every day.)

From Saturday–

$20.00 lunch money for two kids, one going to Scholastic Bowl meet (Petersburg) gone ten hours and one going to IMEA Jazz festival (Jacksonville) gone ten hours.

Paid $500 on credit card, leaving a balance of $1,635.65. (YEAH!!!)

$120 to the dentist for the kids last appointment. Usually, this is paid the day of the appointment, but the office staff made an error, called me about it later in the day. I’ve known this bill was coming due for 2 weeks. (On a positive note, my insurance will reimburse me most of the cost of the visit which was cleaning and x-rays.)

$35 for lawn service (fertilizer, grub control, etc.) I know many of you would consider this a frivolous (or morally offensive) expense. In my defense, let me just note that for seven years I had an “au naturale” yard. Which resulted in a big mud patch. I tried to grow English ivy (it is invasive in this gardening zone–how could it not do well under my big shade tree?….. It died.) I consider this expense worth it for the following reasons: 1) if I decide to sell my house, the yard will not scare people away.  2) I am the only grown-up here, I don’t have time to do Everything. I pay other people to do the things I do not want to do.

$2.97 for soda for me and the jazz musician for the drive home after his performance. I needed the caffeine.

$118.72 for X-mess expenses, mostly gifts.

$23.89 for gas for the automobile.

$14.10 for wine (including a “nice” bottle for eldest son and DIL when they are here.)

$120.21 for groceries. This includes ingredients for items we are bringing to the Thanksgiving day feast and speciality items for “the princess” who will be staying at my home for three days. “The princess” knows who he/she is and is fastidious in eating a “clean diet.” Which is why I now have in my cupboard unsalted, dry roasted almonds, spinach & artichoke humus and millet & flax sun-dried tomato tortillas.

$3.59 for two bottles of shampoo and a box of plastic spoons.

$6.47 for an Ace wrap bandage for beloved daughter who twisted her ankle playing frisbee Friday night.

Then, on Sunday, between all the other chores I got done, I spent

$70.17 on X-mess gifts and

$4.48 for a soy latte–which you may assume was frivolous…but it was Essential! Between the low caffeine lag and the low-blood-sugar shakes, it was just an appropriate therapy.

Total for the weekend: $1,041.35


One response to “I Spent $1,041.35 In The Past Two Days

  1. Way to go, Fawn, with the credit card pay off!!!

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