Spending Update

Between the overtime, the kid’s activities and getting ready for (and celebrating) Thanksgiving, I have been too busy to report to you. But not too busy to take meticulous notes. Spending for the week:

Monday: $2.06 for chips (yes, I packed a lunch, but not enough and I ate this high calorie, high fat, high salt food as I drove between patients) $2 for parking at the courthouse to pay $210 for a speeding ticket and court supervision. I know, I know, I know!) You don’t have to scold me, I have been kicking myself since I got the damn thing. In the evening, I took my two free tickets to the Festival of Trees, where youngest son and I went to listen to middle son’s Jazz Band perform. Middle son got in for free. Beloved daughter was at a Scholastic Bowl meet. I did give youngest son $2.50 for a huge gingerbread cookie while there and I ate one of his little arms.


Again did not pack a sufficient lunch and spent $2.05 on chips and soda.


$10 for the retirement gift for my boss who is leaving us next month and $4.48 for a latte. Should I try to defend the latte? Hmm…it’s healthier than soda and chips (I get the soy milk ones) the caffeine provides a needed boost about 3:30pm and to shop is a quiet, smoke free place to do some patient documentation.


$19.80 in gas to get us to the celebration and back.


Back to work, $2.56 on chips and soda. OK, OK, I need to pack a bigger lunch, get chips at the grocery store and take my water bottle everyday. Last night beloved oldest son and daughter-in-law took me out for dinner. Woo Hoo!

Total for the week: $255.45



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