No Shame Spending

OK here is money spent in the past four days–not normal, but I’m still OK with it.

Saturday: Spent the entire day (except for work out and grocery shopping time) with beloved eldest son and beloved daughter-in-law. They bought me a yummy pizza dinner Friday night (which as tired as I was, Diet Soda and potato chips would have been a “good enough” dinner.) AND they bought me an excellent Chipole burrito bowl lunch. I spent $8.48 on coffee at Starbucks for the three of us, $90.57 on X-mess gifts at Barnes & Noble and $38.95 at the grocery store.

Sunday: $27.41 for gas for the auto, $10.00 for 90 days of prescription meds, $19.43 for long leg work-out pants for me, $44.87 for household supplies (i.e. things like printer ink, gum, coffee filters and toilet paper.) and $20.51 for X-mess gifts and wrapping paper.

Monday: Nothing!!! Packed my lunch, cooked dinner for family. [High Five!!!!]

Tuesday: $10.79 for wine (already the work-week catches up with me. SIGH) and $11.08 for organic milk, cream and pepper  (the pepper was more than the milk and cream combined!!!!!)

Total for past four days: $ 282.09


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