Money Spent in Past Week

12/4: $4.95 for 2 ginormous cookies at the mall (OK, wasted money), $32.38 for dress/performance shoes for daughter, $28.64 for gas, $3.02 milk, $50 gift card for needy family, $12.72 for book (Early Retirement Extreme–I’m really excited about it, have just started it.)

12/5: no spend day.

12/6: $6.23 for yard waste bags and stickers, $21.57 for furnace filters, $33.07 for baritone sax reeds, $19.41 for 3 pill crushers (this is a gift category-I keep them in my car and give them to my patients when they need them), $10.79 wine

12/7: $90 for cut and color of my hair. I will have to let this go if I want to retire early.

12/8: no spend day

12/9: $13.61 X-mess, $28.85 gas

12/10: $4.90 hand lotion, $10.96 cat food, $8.71 wine, $8.62 gift for friend, $49.18 groceries, $32.39 briefcase (the one I bought two months ago is starting to disintegrate), $6.47 socks for youngest and the final X-mess purchases $139.38.

12/11: $3.30 for luminaries for Christmas Eve–something our neighborhood does. There is a Catholic Church at the end of the street and the luminaries are lit for the whole block before the evening mass. It is very beautiful.


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