Spending 12/12 thru 12/16

12/12 and 12/13 were no spend days (Yeah me!)

12/14 spent $18.10 on groceries.

12/15 I bought $26.71 worth of gas. Remember that most of this is spent for work, and I am reimbursed for work mileage. I also took a Starbuck gift card (Christmas gift) and bought a latte: $4.91.

12/16 I spent $10.79 on wine (Woo Hoo payday! Livin’ high now!) Then drank a glass as I made out the checks for auto insurance $358 for six months and $600 on the credit card bill- leaving the remainder of $1,054.68.

Other frugal choices this week: I am reading Early Retirement Extreme (how to retire in your 20’s or 30’s) Obviously, I’ve missed that bus, but his ideas do inspire me and may lead to further cost cutting in the future.

Beloved daughter asked me to pay for an acting class at the local college. I declined. If she really wants this she will have to pay for it herself. I currently spend $250-$300 per month on lessons and instrument repair, which is almost as much as I spend on groceries.


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