Spit Pea Soup (Seven meals for 38 cents each)

This recipe comes from earthsister at the old Simple Living Forums. You can find the new forums at  http://www.simplelivingforum.net/forum.php

This soup is rich in protein and vitamins for just pennies a serving, and one of my comfort foods.


From a recent grocery reciept: the onion was .25, garlic .33, oil .07, dried split peas $1.00, 3 carrots 0.33, 3 stalks celery .15, 3 potatoes .30. Total $2.43 and it made 10.5 cups, each satisfying serving is 1.5 cups.

1 Tbs oil, 1 onion, 3 cloves garlic, chopped

Simmer the onion and garlic until translucent and then add 8 cups water and 2.25 cups dried spilt peas.

simmer water and peas until tender

This step took longer than usual as I had to run some kids errands in the middle–no sweat. I just turned the burner off before I left the house, no harm done.

Add diced carrots, celery and potatoes and simmer till tender

Voila! Soup!

Lunches for the week and then some


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