Spending 12/17 -12/23

12/17: Stamps $7.92, breakfast out w/ a friend $55.76, groceries (includes $21.00 for an organic pot roast for Christmas) $79.64, haircut for youngest $30, T-shirts for daughter $21.60.

12/18: car wash $5.00, tickets to see Sherlock Holmes for middle son’s birthday $84.00, kid’s chores (from two weeks ago-I forgot to report to you) $55.00, kid’s chores from today $43.00.

12/19: National Latin Exam $4.00 (I will save for another day the rant about how much is costs to send a child to public school with all the small fees for everything.)

12/20: gas $28.32

12/21: organic cream for my coffee $2.72

12/22: no spend day

12/23: drumsticks (for the drummer, not the kind you eat) $5.81, Christmas gift $15.64

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