Success!! (High Five)

Whoop! Whoop! Today I paid off the credit card.

In the interest of transparency and follow through here is spending for the last week:

Monday 1/9: Gas for the vehicle  $27.61

Tuesday 1/10: No spend day

Wednesday 1/11: Yard waste stickers $6.oo. Can you believe I am still getting the fall mess out of the yard?

Thursday 1/12: No spend day

Friday 1/13: Final payment for beloved daughter’s Band Disney trip $195. Also a payday.

Saturday 1/14: Groceries  $116.25  (and those of you keeping track–that is $165.08 so far for the month and I have food enough in the house to take us to 1/24 and beyond…) Cat food $9.93, Household expenses $26.38 (includes $1.20 for extra winter hat and 2 pair gloves as I like to keep extra in case somebody loses theirs, obviously these were on sale. 2 packages of gum for $1.98. Hair products: $17.31 for a styling product, Suave shampoo and 2 Pantene conditioners–Hey! We all have thick, curly, unmanageable hair. When we find a product that works, we are loyal fans….until we find a cheaper product that works. $1.87 for paper lunch bags which I know the hard-core frugalistas amongst you will mock, but beloved middle son uses them to pack his lunch and even with the cost of the bags, it saves me money. So there! Also band aids [store brand] at $2.19. We got 0.05 off as I brought my own cloth bag and $1.00 off the cat food as some very nice pet-lover had left a coupon for the type of cat food I buy right in front of the bag I put in my cart. It would have been an insult to not use the coupon they left for me. Plus taxes for the whole mess: $2.62.)

And, [drum roll] the last money spent today:

$1,067.06 to pay off the credit card. Woo Hoo! Freedom! Happy Dance!

Dear friends, do not imagine that I will slip into a post-credit-card induced spending frenzy now. No, not your singlemomenough friend.

Watch here for the next report as I calculate my 32 hour/week salary and how I will meet expenses then. Smirk. You know I will.

Also, I hope to have photos of the hair shaving event also….


3 responses to “Success!! (High Five)

  1. Way to go Fawn!!!!

  2. Paid off the plastic AND got the part time hours ? Impressive !
    hide the card, outta sight, outta mind J

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