The Haircut

While I am still working waaaaay too much (Friday I already had six hours of overtime when I clocked in. By the end of the day it was closer to sixteen) I am preparing for going part-time later in the year.

What this means, now that I have paid off the credit card, is to deeply pad the emergency account, so I will have plenty of cushion for when “life” happens. So I continue to look for frugalities that do not affect quality of life.

I have been toying with the idea of cutting my hair short and letting it grow out its natural color for some time. Partly for money-saving, partly because I like the natural grey of many folks. So yesterday was the day. Here is my hair before I started:

Rapunzel hair

And because I knew my hairdresser would not be able to do the deed alone, I helped her by starting at home.

Wack job

Here’s what it looked like when I got done with it:

much shorter, but there's blonde yet

And after the hair dresser got done with it:

My youngest says it "Looks British."


13 responses to “The Haircut

  1. OMG!!!!! You KNOW I LOVE it!!!! I can wait to see the real deal!!! Think of how long a bottle of shampoo and conditioner will last you — and no more hair dryer!

  2. Looks absolutely fantastic!

  3. Rip Repunzel Barbie, Long live the British Barbie !
    Viva la Reyna ! 🙂 J

  4. Whoa ! i learned how to make faces….. :0 🙂 :>
    i am master of my destiny

  5. Wow!! That is liberation. It does look really cool. There’s nothing like changing your hair to give you a different outlook on life 🙂 Seems like a big step for a big year you have planned, congratulations.

  6. Leslie Ann Costello

    Wow, what an excellent (and dramatic) decision! That is pretty impressive. I hope you love the colour. I left hair dye (about 23 years worth) behind in 2008 and have never looked back. Good for you.

    Leslie Ann

  7. Now I do not know if I will recognize you on the street!

  8. What to do with all the extra time you will have in the morning? Like Tim, I hope I recognize you on the street.

  9. How cool! I love the photos…they are very dramatic! Looking at my own grey roots, I dream of doing such a thing someday myself. That time is coming, faster and faster!

  10. Did you let your hair stay grey all this time? Stopped dyeing 2010. It’s so nice not to be on root watch every week. Lots of money saved too.

  11. Wouaw! What amazing pictures, I have never seen such a thing! Even in make over articles!!! Very dramatic and inspiring!
    I wish I had your courage with grey hair, I suddenly got a lot of grey and even white hair! Probably the short nights with infants, my brother says color comes back when one gets to sleep more. I am not sure I believe it!

  12. I did the same a few years ago. I miss the long hair, but super short is much more frugal and practical for a busy life. I’ve got salt and pepper gray, and now like it over the dyed platinum blonde.

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