Food Prep

Forgive me regular readers for being absent so much lately. Work is still a bear. When I clocked in yesterday (Thursday, had only worked three days so far) I had already worked 36.5 hours for the week. It’s hard to keep up with the day-to-day when so much time is devoted to work.

However, I knew the week was going to be a challenge and I did a bunch of food prep over the weekend, so I would not be tempted to get an expensive meal out. Here’s how I did it and what we ate this week. (Sorry, no photos.)

Saturday I made a menu and grocery shopped. Sunday, I prepped as much food ahead as I could and put it in containers in the refrigerator.

Monday: Cheese and crackers, sliced apples, peanut butter on celery (had cleaned and cut up the celery the previous day) and homemade chocolate chip cookies made on Sunday.

Tuesday: Homemade chicken pot pie made with diced chicken breast, a package of frozen mixed vegetables and a homemade chicken stock sauce in a homemade pie crust. I prepped the entire thing on Sunday and put it in the fridge covered in plastic wrap. When I knew I was running late Tuesday evening, I called home and had beloved daughter put it in the oven. It was ready by the time I got home. I served it with Orange Sunshine, also made on Sunday (recipe is on this blog under recipes.)

Wednesday: The kids were at their dad’s and I ate leftovers.

Thursday: Beef stew made from meat I had cooked and frozen a couple of weeks ago when Aldi had a HUGE almost expired rump roast on sale. On Sunday, I had cut up the celery and carrots. I had previously cut and frozen an onion to keep it from rotting. I added 16 oz of tomato sauce, 5 peeled and diced potatoes, simmered it while I finished my computer work for the job and popped into the oven a baguette just before serving. There was enough stew leftover for my lunch today. No baguette though.

Friday: After I washed the dishes Thursday night, I mixed up a meatloaf with 1# organic ground beef, an egg, 1 cup oatmeal some ketchup, soy sauce and pepper and popped in the fridge. This will cook tonight, while I make some mashed potatoes and steam fresh broccoli.

Saturday: Vegan Shepard’s pie made with the leftover mashed potatoes from Friday. (Recipe on this blog.)

By doing the meals this way, I don’t waste money on eating out and can put all the extra I am earning into the emergency fund for when I go part-time.



2 responses to “Food Prep

  1. Good for you, Fawn.
    Not only do you “make a plan” — you also follow through!
    As my 90 year old mom says, you deserve “to feel righteous!”

  2. Hmmmm. I like your mom.

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