College Tour

The kids have been on spring break this week, and the youngest stayed at his dad’s house. I took the junior and the sophomore on a tour to visit two colleges in Chicago and two in St. Louis and one in Champaign/Urbana. I didn’t take photos while we were at the schools for fear of embarrassing the kiddos, but here are a few from other parts of the trip.

We Are Watching You

Scary Easter bunnies watching us leave town.

Windmill farm

Windmill farm on the drive up to Chicago. These just make me so happy. Yeah, they are not perfect, the noise and vibration can be a problem if you live close. But if one (or three) of them fail catastrophically, at most the world will lose a couple of humans and a few hogs. If a nuclear power plant fails catastrophically, we lose tens to millions of humans, same for domestic and wildlife, and the damage to the ecosystem could be unimaginable. Windmills are a more elegant solution.

Reflected in "the Bean"

This is me and the kids reflected in “the Bean” at Millenium Park in Chicago.

Outside the library

We found this fellow outside the library at University of Illinois. We think he may have failed a test.

The trip was fun and informative. We got a chance to check out some colleges that the kids are interested in. We stayed with my brother and his wife in Chicago and my mom in St. Louis, so the trip only cost us for three meals out.

An excellent week!


One response to “College Tour

  1. Wow, really nice photos! The windmills remind me of a beautiful place in my own country.

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