Living Room

This is part of my “things I share with the kids count.”

There are two couches with three pillows, a table with a bowl. The bowl holds seasonal items-lemons in summer, pine cones or squash in fall, red and green and silver glass balls for Christmas decoration. In the photo are a couple books, these are my daughter’s but library books usually hang out here as well.

long view of the living room

The focal point of the room is the fireplace. There are two candlesticks with candles and a silk flower arrangement on the mantle. The fireplace tools are in the basement for the summer.

4 decorative object: mirror, candles, flowers

Here is a view of the entry closet. The photo is a little dark, but you can see below: a red suitcase and a bari saxophone in its case (I don’t count this as it is on loan from the school.) On the shelf: ice melt, tape for getting cat hair off the couch and cat food (which is stored in this closet because the cats do not have opposable thumbs.) I do not count consumables so the only thing in the closet in the count is the suitcase.

partially used storage space

Count for the living room is 13. This space is also used daily. There is usually one or more persons sprawled on the couches reading or playing an electronic device. On Sunday afternoons the couches are pushed against the wall opposite the fireplace and the local teen improve troupe practices in the space. When family comes to visit, I give them my room and sleep on one of the couches. Again, less clutter leads to increased versatility.

And while it’s been a few years since they were used for that purpose, the couch cushions make excellent forts.





2 responses to “Living Room

  1. i love those window sills, are they Oak ? It’s been so long since i’ve lived in a classic house. J

  2. Yes, I love this room as well. It has “good bones.” And the minimal amount of stuff makes it easy to appreciate the wonderful architecture.

    Also love that you change the contents of the bowl seasonally!

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