Challenges and Goals

Every year I read about some CEO of other head of something or other doing a “retreat” about January 1 or so to evaluate the previous year and set new goals for the coming year.

I always read these with interest and a certain amount of cynicism. For the past 30 years my  goal has always been: Be the BEST mom I can be.

All the other goals and challenges have been subservient to that one. To take the 10 three-blade razors in the pack I bought in January through the whole year (and yes, I am on track with this one) is just me managing the limited dollars that come into the household in a given year. Spend less than $420 per month on food for the four of us–same. Identify 2-3 sources of financial aid for college for each kid–same.

I want to thank each of my regular readers for your attention to my rambling thoughts. I hope that those of you who have stumbled onto the blog from some other place have found some nugget to take home.

This is my farewell blog. I have exhausted my thoughts on the topic of single-mom-enough. If you want to read more on frugality, I recommend

and if you want to read more about minimalism go to

Goodbye all–and thanks for the fish. :).


12 responses to “Challenges and Goals

  1. Best wishes for all you do! I will miss your posts!

  2. Have enjoyed it very much!! Hope to still see you on SLN, and if for some reason not, always wishing you the very best.

  3. Fawn,
    Thank you for all you’ve written — it’s been a pleasure and inspiration to read about your thoughts, goals, accomplishments. I’ve learned so much
    from you….

  4. I will miss reading your blog. I guess I will have to email you to keep up!

    Much love, peace and happiness!

  5. Many thanks for your great blog. You are very inspiring!

  6. Sad to see you leaving the blog, but I understand. It has been a nice addition to my daily rotation of tech and camera blogs. Thanks for all you’ve shared.

  7. Thank you for this blog. Very inspirational, and a positive influence for me. Best wishes to you in all your future endevors.

  8. Fawn, thank you so much for your blog, and especially for the 100 Things list. You have been my inspiration on SLN for a long time.

  9. Awww I have enjoyed you blog as well and will miss your “rambling thoughts”.

  10. I’ve really enjoyed your blog! Thanks for writing it, I’ve learned some great things. You seem like a great mom, so good job on that 🙂 I don’t know much about blogs, will this one be available for reference in the future?

  11. Thanks for all the compliments and well wishes.
    Kelli-I still lurk on SLN from time to time.
    Amy- I think the blog hangs out here for a while gathering dust. My guess is WordPress will close it eventually.

  12. The passing of an era sigh

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