A Guilty Pleasure

I hope to live car free someday, and get all the exercise I need in my day-to-day life. But as long as I am a visiting nurse, logging up to 200 miles on my work days in my car, I have to get my exercise another way.

Currently, I have a $10 per month gym plan and I use the elliptical machine and the weights. This place has a bank of flat screen TVs with twenty separate channels playing at any given time. I have no TV at home, so this is my first guilty pleasure…I watch mindless TV, while I work out.



My second guilty pleasure is that I usually watch the “house channel” or HGTV, especially the remodel shows. I love the before and afters, I like to get ideas for things that I can do minimally and frugally around the house here. But like most TV, it just encourages wastefulness. In the interest of getting the remodel done in a certain time frame, when they redo, they usually gut and just toss everything in a dumpster.

When I do work here at home, I carefully plan which elements I am going to keep and work with them. What I do not wish to keep, I carefully remove and donate to someone who can use it, often the Habitat For Humanity Restore.

I find my methods are less expensive and more environmentally responsible. Takes a bit longer, though.


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