Meals and Menus 11/11 thru 11/17

Veteran’s day, the kids were with their dad, so I scrounged. I finished off all leftovers in the fridge and ate cereal for dinner, with an apple.

Tuesday: We had the usual things for breakfast, and the boys had their usual lunches, but there was nothing for me to pack to work, so I bought a chicken sandwich off the $1 menu at a fast food place. That, plus free coffee and a piece of cake someone had brought in kept me going until dinner: Red beans, rice and turkey sausage. It was served with about 1/4 of a baguette $.50. Ingredient cost: Smoked Turkey Kielbasa $2.29, can red beans $.59, can chicken broth $.69, one onion $ .19  , one green pepper $.33, and 2 stalks celery $.26, pepper $.05, cup rice $ .25. Cost of dinner $4.65. And I got three more meals out of it. Desserts this week were Halloween candy bought at 40% of retail and some snacks that middle son came home with from cross-country state meet.

Wednesday: The usual things for breakfast: boys have sugary cereal with almond milk. The average cost of a box of cereal is $1.79, which I am going to estimate is about 3 servings–remember, we are talking about teenage boys here. The almond milk is about $.36 per serving. So about $1/per day per boy for breakfast. I had coffee with cream which I am estimating at $.30 per day, a banana .14, oatmeal .10 and a range free boiled egg .42. So, about a dollar/day for me for breakfast. For lunch and dinner today, I ate the leftover Sausage/beans/rice dish.

Thursday: Vegetarian Shepard’s’ Pie and cranberry relish. Fresh cranberries 1.69, navel orange $.44 and cup sugar $.19 Shepard’s pie ingredients: 1 cup pink lentils $1.98, carrot $.06, celery stalk $.13, three tablespoons flour $.10, three tablespoons soy sauce $ .20, a teaspoon each of basil, oregano and rosemary (I’ll guess those as $ .10 each) and a little pepper $ .05. That is covered with 3 cups mashed potatoes–potatoes$ .72, butter $ .22 and milk $ .31. We only ate half of the Shepard’s pie and half the cranberry relish–so cost of dinner $3.20.

Friday: Meatball sandwiches and cranberry relish. Meatballs $2.15, one half jar spaghetti sauce $ .50, 3/4 of the baguette $1.50 and half a chopped green pepper $ .17. $4.32 +  No leftovers.

Saturday: Chicken pizza $4.34.  After dinner there were two slices left, that I planned to eat for breakfast. But when I awoke, they had been eaten in the night.

Sunday: Tilapia, mashed potatoes and steamed green beans. Tilapia $3.15, 1/2  spice packet $ .30. Mashed potatoes $1.25 and green beans $ .75 with a pat of butter $ .05. Dinner-$5.50. Plus I made date/nut rolls for dessert. 8 oz dried dates $1.99, one cup shredded coconut  $ .26 and one half cup peanut butter $ .40 Total $2.65 and we will eat those for several days.


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