Feeding Your Family On The Cheap: Week Three

Monday 18th-dinner was chicken soup (stew, really as the kiddos do not like a lot of broth.) Chicken breast–cooked and diced $3.25, plus a whole box of penne noodles $0.89, and a can of chicken broth $o.69, plus 2 cooked carrots $0.12, one stalk celery $0.13 and canned biscuits $1.19 (although only 1/2 of them got eaten at dinner…so they were filler for the rest of the week.) Dinner $6.27….. and there were leftovers of soup and biscuits for later in the week.

Monday lunch…I made for myself a bean/corn salad–a can of black beans $0.59, can of corn $0.49, red peppers (0.10—-recipe calls for jalapeno peppers –and those are awesome…..but I do not have any, and I have the dried red pepper flakes….so….) 2 plum tomatoes $0.40, red onion $0.19,2 garlic cloves $0.10, 1/4 cup cilantro $1.00, one lime $0.30, 1 tablespoon olive oil $0.10,2 tsp.  southwest seasoning $0.09–so$3.36 and I ate half and saved half for my lunch Wednesday.

Tuesday–I needed something quick and easy…so frozen waffles ( 1.29) and frozen link sausage $1.98,  some leftover maple syrup (guessing the cost at $0.25) and a couple of oranges–peeled and sectioned ($0.88). Tuesday dinner–$4.40 and I ate the leftover waffles, with a little Nutella for breakfast the next day.

Wednesday–Lunch was the rest of the black bean salad and after 4:30pm I was on-call for work. I ate a bowel of cereal, an orange and a biscuit.

Thursday–Curried chickpea stew ($0.50 for half a bag of dried chickpeas, soaked and cooked, 2 Tbsp oil $0.20, medium yellow onion $0.19, 2 cloves garlic $0.10, 20 oz. can crushed tomatoes $0.99, 1 Tbsp curry $0.25, 1/4 cup cilantro $1.00) served over baked potatoes $0.48 and with steamed broccoli as a side $0.85. Dinner for $4.56 and enough chickpea stew left for 3 more servings.

Friday–just me so I ate a bowl of the chickpea stew over a potato $0.12.

Saturday–I worked all day and dinner was a box of spicy chicken wings from Aldi $2.99.

Sunday–I worked and ate more chickpea stew over a potato $0.12.


4 responses to “Feeding Your Family On The Cheap: Week Three

  1. Just a quick question, Is the crushed tomatoes in the curried chickpea stew 20 oz. or 28 oz. (large can)? This is a recipe I’d like to try and it sounds yummy.

    • Ah…I went to check for you and I have shredded all the evidence. This is the problem is dealing with a minimalist. It is the only sized can of crushed tomatoes that Aldi’s sells. I hope that helps.

  2. Is the recipe for this stew to combine everything and simmer? For how long? It sounds delicious.

    • Yeah, probably. That is how I cook. I would keep checking it between 45-60 minutes. I like it when the potatoes get soft and make the broth thicker.

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